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Why Social Media is Important for Our Business?

Social media marketing is a must in this century for any business, big or small, to grow to its full potential.You can reach existing and potential customers easily and use social media as a fast, inexpensive and highly effective way to grow your business.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

SMM Benefits

1. Increase trustworthiness and brand recognition
2. Increase levels of customer service and satisfaction
3. Foster online community and tell authentic stories
4. Increase revenue with social commerce
5. Increases Sales
6. Measuring Success with Analytics
7. Cost-Effective
8. Improves Brand Loyalty
9. Increases Brand Authority
10.Collect Data From Audience Research To Improve
11.Create Brand Recognition

Social Media Channels

Facebook Marketing

Social media play a significant role in the expansion of the business. There are lots of people who use social media on a regular basis. With time, Facebook has become one of the great ways of communication. At Paragdigi, we provide Facebook marketing services to companies for the promotion of their products and services.  It engages active Facebook users and insists on them to visit the website.

Why use Facebook for business? benefits of Facebook business page

1. Content promotion

2. Targeting specific audiences

3. Remarketing

4. Achieving your goals

5. Customer support

6.Reach BILLIONS of potential customers

7.Lower your marketing expenses

8.Gain in-depth audience insights

9.Increase your website traffic

10.Reach people on their phones

Instagram Marketing

Today Instagram has also become a top notch social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and Linked in. With around 900 Million users and 400 Million active users. Business have very much realized the importance of this account. Today at present more than 90% of the big brands have their Instagram accounts. Instagram today has also become a lead generation platform where companies give business to their clients in a very legitimate manner. As a leading Instagram Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR, India we offer Instagram Advertising Services to help businesses grow and meet their goals. We create and manage top-performing Instagram advertising campaigns for businesses7

What are the benefits of Instagram advertising?

As social media usage continues to increase across all demographics, social media marketing has become a valuable strategy for businesses. But as consumer preferences change, it can be difficult to keep up with the best platforms for your industry—and even more difficult to manage different strategies for each.

Benefits of Instagram marketing for small business

Increases Brand awareness
Increase website traffic and SEO rankings
Saves your time
Lead generation happens at a low cost
Boosts content marketing
Increase in sales
Provides you better audience insight
Legitimize your brand

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a social platform specifically dedicated to professionals. It’s ideal to create connections, find leads and create brand awareness (company brand and personal brand). LinkedIn offers a lot of opportunities for marketers, from content marketing to LinkedIn advertising. You can write pieces on your on profile (building your personal brand that in return will help boost your company’s brand), post article from your company blog, create LinkedIn groups, and of course advertise

The steps for creating a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Define Your Goals

Understand Your Audience

Optimize Your Company Page

Use Keywords

Link to Your Company Page

Publish Relevant Content

Use Images and Videos

Create a Content Calendar